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Purchase Power
Discounts on national and local brands at over 300,000 locations
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Dental Power
Save time and reduce your large expenses with ease.
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Doctor Power
Start saving time and money by taking control of your health
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Telehealth Power
24/7 365 Access to a doctor by phone!
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Telemedicine is sweeping the nation. Don't get stuck waiting hours or days to talk to a doctor. Now you can speak to a doctor in minutes any hour of the day.
Dental Power Discount Plan

Don't get stuck waiting days to see a doctor.
Wait times to see a doctor are going through the roof. Most people cannot get timely care. Many are waiting hours in the Emergency room and others are forgoing treatment all together. With Pay Yourself First Telehealth Power or Doctor Power, you can have 24/7 access to a doctor through the revolutionary company: Teladoc and only with Pay Yourself First can you get an appointment without a co-pay. This exciting program is only one piece of the most exciting benefits enhancement program in America. Learn more.

Choose one of our plans to help your household save time and money.
All of our plans are designed to help the modern employee save time and money. Our passion is helping people save money. That's what we do. We do this by providing access to discounts. We have retail discounts in our Purchase Power Portal, or you can add to them our Dental Power which adds Dental, Vision, Hearing, and Prescription.  Our Doctor Power Discount Plan is the flagship of our company. It provides all of the resources of the Purchase and Dental Power combined with the incredible power of Telemedicine and several other features. Click around to discover what plan is right for you.